Sunday, February 22, 2009

Managing storage space when adding video to a central site

Solution: upload video to your own web space and link to it.

A colleague of mine is an advanced user of Drupal. It's a system that can allow novices (such as myself) to build more complex web sites. However, it can also manage very simple ones. Drupal is a little daunting to novices. So a personal mentor or taking a class may be a better way to learn it than solo. You don't have to know html, but it certainly helps. Drupal is a more advanced 2.0 tool. Drupal's advanced purpose is for users to create their own interactive web sites.

GoogleDocs: updating docs shared with specific collaborators only

If a Googledoc is not shared to all to read/write, then updated material must be "republished" under the share menu. Otherwise, the only people who can see the updates are those who are specifically invited as collaborators. The doc's URL remains the same.

I e-mailed a group presentation doc to a supervisor. All group members were able to continue updating links and other content to the doc without having to e-mail the supervisor updates. The supervisor's access to the doc was read only, while the presentors could read/write as collaborators of the doc.