Sunday, November 2, 2008

October - Practical Web 2.0 Tools

Wow! I have more user names and passwords that letters in the alphabet - well almost. Here are my favorite tools and why: stores all of your accounts online - User names and passwords that you thought you'd remember. Ha! I'd set this one up first. stores your favorite websites. It's your online USB drive for Internet bookmarks. Ever find yourself at work looking under your favorites for a site only to realize that it was saved at home? Store 'em online & you can leave home without them. Also, you can add subject headings, called tags, to each of your favorite web sites. Explainations of Web 2.0 Tools in plain English & in 5 minutes or less. OK, actually a lot of other people said they like it. I can see why, but it doesn't meet my needs at the time. Twitter is a blog that allows you to post about 80 characters at a time. So while I could log a date and topic, that would be the end of my post. Most people use Twitter to connect with family and friends who want to know what they are doing at any given moment. Literally, the topic of each post is "what are you doing right now?". The post is very brief. - As a Library Media Specialist, I'm dying to dive into this one. However, my current reading lists were given to me as Word documents. So Google Docs made more sense this time.

September - The purpose of technology in education.

The most influental media, to me, that day was Did You Know. As discussion concluded, the most important curriculum connection is the importance of integrating technology into existing curricula. Teaching technology for technology sake is almost de-values technology. Today and tomorrow's workforce will be transitioning into jobs that do not even exist today. As technology advances, so will our workforce. Shift Happens.

I could have emailed these reading lists to my colleages, but that would not make this compilation colleagial. I hope others come up with some great additions for these resources.